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On the future of small household electrical appliance enterprises in Guangdong go?

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Household electrical appliance enterprises are mainly distributed in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Shunde, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other places. Including Shenzhen, Dongguan, these two old "economic development of the SAR," primarily on color TV, DVD, disc players, radios, tape recorders, MP3, MP4, computers and other consumer electronics appliances mainly to Buddha Mountain as the center of Shunde, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Nanhai, etc. as a relatively new emergence of "economic development zone," mainly in air conditioners, rice cookers, microwave ovens, water heaters, range hoods, gas stove and other industries mainly. Of reform and opening up 20 years, the Guangdong home appliance industry, through the vitality of the development, a number of household electrical appliances and exports both in the domestic market has reached the highest in the country, such as microwave ovens, kettles, rice cookers, electric fans and so on. Is also the birth of a number of mega-level output Chaobaiyi annual sales of household electrical appliance enterprises such as Midea, TCL, Skyworth, Konka, Gree and other famous brands of home appliances.
These behemoths of the household electrical appliance enterprises under the impetus of industrial efficiency of small household electrical appliances industry. Many small home appliances manufacturing enterprises Although there is no beauty, TCL, Gree, Konka, as a prominent well-known, but also develop school of prosperity: Like Dong Ling, Lung, and Amy special, creating Stuart, BDO Runda, Gold and other large enterprises have an annual output of tens of billions of super-scale over the scale of annual output value reached 400 million of medium-sized enterprises, like Europa, 100 million under the Long and other medium-sized enterprises are not dozens. Developed in the industry, driven by economic interests, there are many small factories, assembly plants and the number in which the re-mixed and more engaged in Guangdong and small home electrical appliance industry-related enterprises, there are at least tens of thousands of homes. It is understood that a small household electrical appliance enterprises in Guangdong where the output value of more than 80 million yuan less than medium and large enterprises all into one small household electrical appliance enterprises, 70% of the enterprises are assembly plants, less than 100 small factories.

The status of small household electrical appliance enterprises large, confusing

Guangdong, medium and large output of small household appliances enterprises Guoyi there are many, such as the United States, and MACRO, 10000 and, Glanz and other enterprises in the country already widely spread reputation, Ruleiguaner。 Similarly, there are many electric kettle, electric fans, bread maker, toaster, electric oven, juice machines and other large-scale specialized in the export of small household appliances enterprises, these enterprises many of which are from the late eighties nineties started riding on the reform of open spring breeze, in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shunde, etc。 developed in the early years, the majority started to export small appliances, such as Airmate fans have been exported to Europe, Japan, and Sanyo Electric to do OEM OEM。 Export of 36 countries known as water heaters and stoves exports first founding Falter, Dong Ling, Lung, and NEW DELHI high as other small household electrical appliance enterprises due to its manufactured products such as coffee machine, fryer, bread these comparisons Western-oriented bias towards small household electrical appliances do OEM OEM export business, such export OEM basic business into more than 78 of their income, while membership in the domestic market has been unknown origin, but each of these enterprises exported output value of small household electrical appliances billion。

Status: With the EU's RoHS environmental directive into effect (in accordance with RoHS directive requirements, exports to the EU's electrical and electronic products also need to increase the six hazardous substances lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers of the test) , small household electrical appliance enterprises have adopted in response to EU directives, as well as a new type of alternative materials has increased the cost of a test as well as from Japan, Brazil, South America and other places of the raised anti-dumping big stick, making "MADEINCHINA" of small household appliances enterprises at every step。 According to Guangzhou Customs reports, January-June 2007 mechanical and electrical products, Guangdong send back the value of 27。303 million U。S。 dollars, an increase of 51%, accounting for the size of Guangdong, 75。6% of the total return shipment。 The proportion of same period last year increased by 15。2 percentage points。 Among them, electrical and electronic products category send back the value of 11。419 million U。S。 dollars, an increase of 65。2%。 Guangdong's exports to the EU products such as vacuum cleaners, coffee pot, toaster, etc。 About 70% of products fall within the scope of RoHS。

The EU WEEE, RoSH, EUP Directive have implemented green, so that SMEs have lagged behind a number of conditions because of economic reasons or technical reasons to give up the EU market. In 2006, Guangdong, small household electrical appliance enterprises from relying on the EU market to gradually adjust the emphasis on the U.S. market, operated by a single market shift to a multi-market operation in order to maximize the reduction of trade and technical barriers to risk.

And most of the export enterprises have been actively explored to develop Japan, Russia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, except in markets outside Europe and the United States, and to take certain results.

Exports experienced a variety of cumbersome certification testing as well as major raw materials, copper, steel, plastic and other soaring prices, RMB appreciation, cost pressures and renewed low profits, even if able to absorb some of the costs of production scale, can by virtue of their own ability to raise capital, the bargaining power of prices, but also times to make OEM export-oriented exports of small household electrical appliance enterprises are "cake" is not business as usual, easy to eat. 1 "to continue to be exported to earn meager foundry charges to spend heavily in the OR fought the creation of its own brand domestic" propositions put on the agenda of these enterprises, most enterprises begin to describe the eyes to domestic efforts to promote domestic industry, small household electrical appliances发展. If Dong Ling, creating Stuart, Airmate, Wei WANG and so on.

Problems • confused:

Products: The majority of production is like a toaster, bread maker, toaster, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, etc. This type of product is in line with foreigners eating habits. Foreigners usually eats very little and would like us China, a pot can be boiled, fried, stew, steam, oil, deep-fried, usually more is to do one thing to use a tool, just as foreign-cut bread, a dedicated bread knife , cut like steak knives have a dedicated, single function. In addition, eating bread and drinking coffee, just like those in a foreign country is that we like to eat rice soup universal. Due to the different eating habits of life, so these are all relatively Western-style small home appliances small home appliances, for the Chinese people are concerned does not apply to, rather than buy a bread machine, coffee machines to DIY bread and coffee, nothing else and the money buys speed eat convenience. This shows that Western-style small household electrical appliances still have a "consumer culture" period, followed by Glanz year to promote the microwave, and promote, like microwave food, the next train heavily consumer awareness. There is also a consumption capacity is a matter of the maturity of issues, for the Chinese consumers are concerned, cheap is the best, if you want to fish out a little, it must have the feeling of value for money. As installed in the kitchen garbage disposal machines, some places in Europe and the United States is to provide for the kitchen must be installed, but in a thousand dollars to speak garbage machine, if not in the house pre-renovation well-being, and I believe not many open-minded consumer who will take the initiative to choose to install the product. There are also examples of the same form for export of beautiful electric kettle, sold back to the domestic market price to reach 7, 800 yuan a light to see if prices will be able to scare away gang.

Brand: has been dedicated to the export business, when suddenly he moved in a mature domestic market, somewhat the feeling it was too late, such as electric fans, rice cookers, water heaters these products online, while exports of 36 known invasive Stewart a number of countries, but its brand recognition is still a premium and how it impossible with MACRO, 10000 and this has been 10 years away from the plate compared to the domestic manufacturers. Brand is a very "expensive" things that need time to precipitation, invested heavily in speed may not be able to bear fruit. Airmate is a typical example, as early as the late eighties has been to build factories in product R & D capability to go in the industry prior to 1997, the Emmy for the special began Sanyo, Toshiba, design, manufacturing electric fans, in the right product almost demanding Japanese market can escape accounted for 33% of the market, even though the same sound fine shape by the introduction of the tower fan will make it a blockbuster, but the influence of the fan in the brand developed with the nineties compared to the United States still has a significant gaps.

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