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How can I use with energy-saving air conditioners and fans

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Today, the weather was very hot inside the air-conditioning at home almost every day at work, usually electricity also more than 100 yuan, by June after a moonlight air-conditioning electricity costs should be six or seven hundred million, for working families, but in terms of is not a small amount of overhead.

Today, I would recommend for everyone a very good way to power, that is, with the use of air conditioning and fans, some friends will certainly cast doubt on such an effect would be obvious? In actual fact, an air conditioner should be on the kilowatts of power, fans of a few dozen watts, this means fans opening night of a low power consumption is also black, but the air conditioning was once able to save a lot of power increase.

聚沙彩票开户Another way is to first use of air conditioners, and so the room cool down, put the air conditioning turned off, and then open fan。 This can be a long time to keep the room cool。 One month down, straight down the use of electricity than air conditioners save a lot。

Used in conjunction with air-conditioning and fans is a very good way, split-type air-conditioned air-conditioned delivery radius of about 1.5 meters, tank air conditioning system is only 2.5 meters, so many of my friends will find indoor Lengrebujun. Accompanied by a fan, you can speed up the indoor air flow, the body may be more refreshing feel, and the general air of power for more than 1,000 watts, while the fan is generally under 50 watts of power around this way, naturally save a lot of power fee.

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