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Electric fan market trend research analysis report

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According to research revealed that fans of the hot-selling products to a large extent due to the appearance of novel and functional human face. Fan on the companies want to take a firm foothold in the market and leading the trend, the product appearance and functionality of the upper and lower work harder to rapidly increase market share may well be a good way.

With the development of the market, consumer habits shift aesthetic and health continued to deepen the concept of energy conservation and so on, fans in the function and appearance of the timely change across the board.

1, function: the convenience, health, novelty, energy-saving

From the fans in recent years the market situation, a growing number of manufacturers, especially manufacturers have been more professional functions of the product fully aware of the importance of differences, such as the beauty of the building fan, small buildings fan, Ai U.S. special airflow fan, air-conditioning fans, etc. Linkage distinctive, unique features of the fans, have a good market share.

聚沙彩票开户Research results showed that: the convenience of electric fans, health, novelty, energy-saving function index accounted for the findings of four of the top four。

1. Convenience

In the current market, the development of early and more practical electric fan devaluation popular summer of 2005, the remote control fan. Thus, in today's ever-accelerating pace of work of the industrial age and the convenience of daily life has become a modern city's fashion choices. Specifically, convenience products not only make the operation out of a certain amount of space constraints, but with LCD screen dynamic display, operate at a glance.

2。 The health of

In recent years, manufacturers have begun to improve air quality around the start of the article, so fans will be added to the anion, oxygen bar, ultraviolet sterilization and other health functions. If the United States of dedicated fans of the ultra-violet disinfection to kill airborne bacteria, thereby enhancing air quality, this product on the market in recent years sales on the rise. With the continuous improvement of living standards, consumers are also increasingly concerned about health, so consumers demand for healthy products will be gradually increased.

3. Newness

Novel, suggests that it is strange, strange meaning, we can also be understood as differentiation. For example with "fragrance" function of the small fan, ceiling fans with lighting features in the product technology products such as homogenization of the phenomenon of a very serious fan industry, are all to be consumers, so functional novelty In the next few years the market still will continue to be important magic weapon for winning manufacturers.

聚沙彩票开户4. Energy saving

Based on the current international energy shortages, and domestic electricity shortage in recent years has frequently happened, energy-saving electric fan will be a direction of development can not be ignored. For example in recent years, appearing on the market with a battery using solar energy as an energy source fan energy saving fans, using water as the medium of air-conditioning fan and so on, these energy-saving products in the next few years will be greater efforts to promote the community and application.

Second, appearance: light, beautiful

聚沙彩票开户Lightweight, beautiful fans will be the appearance of the product development in the next few years the main thrust of the pursuit of individuality in today's consumer-oriented fashion and refined era, according to research, 81% of the interviewed consumers love beautiful products are independent of the electric fan clock; about more than half of consumers are more compact fan favorite.

In recent years, manufacturers have also begun to consider fan to meet the changing consumer tastes of consumers in product size and weight down enough to work, and some look cute, bright colors, size petite fan, all kinds of portable electric fans came into being that these fans of the shell and fan pages are in plastic as raw material, as a whole is extremely lightweight, coupled with the petite size and beautiful color and appearance of a terminal by the launch of sales will be very prosperous. Believe that in the next few years, this lightweight, beautiful product design philosophy will continue for the various manufacturers applied.

From previous years, fans industry appeared functional differentiation, appearance of the climax of fashion now, this trend climax continues. Is the so-called "original aim," strange things through the fan of today's market, we can predict: the next few years will continue to fan the market share difference between this wind and the blowing wind fashion.

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