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The export tax rebate rate cut fan manufacturer to find coping strategies

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In the reporter's interviews, most of the fan companies said that the original appreciation of the yuan in recent years, caused by the loss of export enterprises have been great, rising raw material costs also increased the burden on businesses, this time down the tax rebate rate, no doubt is worse。 The "tax rebate rate down all of a sudden," "have dropped too much," "substantially reduce export profits" has almost become a fan of concentration of all the complaints.

US-Asia and Africa area of environmental electrical Li Songmao overseas marketing manager, said: "The export tax rebate rate down very suddenly, companies have not received the message in advance. We are probably in about June 20 received the Electromechanical Import and Export Chamber of Commerce on the reduction of export tax rate notice, when the policy into effect from fewer than 10 days, only can do is to export products will be made as far as possible before the July 1 issue. "

Orders have been signed, companies had to bear the loss themselves. Gree relevant person in charge told the reporter that Chinese fans rely on the export price advantage for many years, suddenly cut the export tax rebate rate, business is difficult to instantaneously adjust the export structure. With many overseas distributors of the trade orders have been signed, only in accordance with the agreed price of shipping orders.

Linkage's business in Korea, director of Hai-Yun Zhu said that the export tax rebate rate cut, enterprises have to raise prices, which in turn affects the signing of export orders in the second half fans. Li Songmao disclosed: "In 2006 the export of electric fans as the United States total approximately 18 million units are expected to export a maximum of 13 million units this year, which is just the loss of export volumes." Li Songmao extraordinary told reporters stressed that the the export tax rebate rate cut by the most affected and Chinese local enterprises。 "Some fans of foreign capital enterprises background, is the processing, enjoy exemption to avoid withdrawal policy."

However, the export rate of more preferential policies no longer small, the situation can change, electric fans, apart from enterprises in distress, only actively seeking to deal with strategy. Hai-Yun Zhu said that the Union has always been more interested in creating fan of the product and technology development and product upgrade in the future of the export process, we will gradually adjust the product structure, increase its export-grade fan. Lisong Mao says that beauty is currently seeking to establish overseas production bases, but is expected to take one year to two years of adjustment time, short-term export business will continue to be fans a greater impact.

"The U.S. market is the US's largest export destination, and the U.S. distributor and we are currently on orders for the 2008 talks." Lisong Mao told reporters, "it is expected that the number of orders for next year will be even less than this year."

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