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Life in Brief: the use of electric fans and maintenance methods

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聚沙彩票开户Fans can be said to be sold this summer, enjoying themselves, consumers see him healthy and have the characteristics of fashion buying, Xiaobian tell you here, too, some fans use and maintenance, might as well look.

(A) The use of the former should specifically read the instruction manual, take full advantage of fans of the structure, performance and installation, use and maintenance methods and pay attention to the matter。

(B) desktop, floor fans must use a safety grounding line of three core plug and socket; ceiling fan should be installed on the roof a higher position, you can not install ground wire.

(C) an electric fan, fan is an important component, regardless of the installation, removal, scrub or use, the need to strengthen the protection to prevent deformation.

(D) operation of the function of switches, buttons, knob, the action can not be too fast, too fast, can not press two buttons at the same time.

聚沙彩票开户(E) ceiling fan speed control knob should be rotated slowly in order not spin in the file between the location, easy to push the ceiling fan or heat, burn-in.

(Vi) an electric fan, oil, or fouling, shall be promptly removed. Can not use gasoline or strong alkaline cleaning, so as not to damage the surface of paint components function.

聚沙彩票开户(Vii) electric fan, such as occurred in the course of a hot, unusual burnt smell, shaking his head not working, slow speed and so on failure, do not continue to be used should promptly cut off the power supply maintenance.

聚沙彩票开户(Viii) collection fans should be thoroughly removed before the surface of oil, fouling, and wipe with a dry soft cloth, then wrapped in brown paper or a clean cloth good。 The site should be kept dry and ventilated to avoid the squeeze。

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