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Airmate Design Competition: The Future fans than you can imagine

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聚沙彩票开户Late last month, which lasted three months Airmate shape the future of fan design competition came to an end, after selection, ultimately from the XU College of Engineering, Ningbo University, student-designed "OnejustOne" won the title of this competition.

The competition, organized by China Industrial Design Association and China National Grid sponsored by various institutions, designers, design enthusiasts concern and involvement, activities, received a total of more than 800 pieces of design work. Vice chairman of China Industrial Design Association, Hunan University, College of Design Art Director Mr. He Renke spoke highly of the award-winning works, "Xu Jie students design work, breaking the conventional understanding of people's right fan for the fans designed to provide a new perspective, and its resembles a potted plant, on the interior decoration is also very beautiful. "

Future fan look like?

Guangdong Household Electrical Appliances Chamber of Commerce, Vice President, Vice-Chairman Mr. Cai Zhengfu Airmate Electric, said: "World Boutique, far more than you want" is a brand of determination Airmate dream Airmate established for this purpose a small home appliance industry The most powerful industrial design team, will design the perfect combination of art and innovative technology. Airmate in industrial design achievements has been the authoritative departments and consumers a high degree of recognition. 

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